Sunny Arya’s (Tehelka Bhai) Story: Age, Family, Career and Many More.

Sunny Arya is a well-loved Indian creator who makes funny videos on YouTube. His channel, Tehelka Prank, brings joy to many, earning him a lot of fame in the digital world.

Sunny Arya’s Early Life and Background

Sunny was born on January 1st, 1989, in New Delhi. He always dreamed of becoming an actor and went to Mumbai to chase his dream. But, it wasn’t easy, and he faced a lot of setbacks. Despite feeling down, he didn’t give up. He came back to New Delhi and eventually became famous as a content creator.

Bio of Sunny Arya’s:-

Real Name Sunny Arya
Profession YouTuber, Comedian, Actor
Date of Birth 1 January 1989
Age 34 Years
Birth Place New Delhi, India
Nationality Indian
Home Town New Delhi, India
Family Mother: Name Not Known
Father: Name Not Known
Wife: Deepika Arya
Daughter: Knoor Arya
Marital Status Married
Religion Hinduism
Debut Television: Bigg Boss 17 (2023)
Address Mumbai, Maharashtra


Body Metrics and Beyond:-

Property Description
Height 6 Feet / 1.82 m
Weight 220 lbs / 100 Kg
Eye Colour Black
Hair Colour Black
Hobbies – Travelling
– Dance
– Listening to Music


Sunny Arya’s Family:-

Category Information
Wife/Spouse Deepika Arya (content creator)
Children Daughter – Ilmoor Alya
Parents Names Not Known


Sunny Arya’s Wife:-

Deepika Arya (Sunny Arya's Wife )
Deepika Arya (Sunny Arya’s Wife )


Sunny Arya’s Daughter:-

Iknoor Arya (sunny Arya's Daughter )
Iknoor Arya (sunny Arya’s Daughter )


Sunny Arya’s Parents:-

His Father

Sunny Arya's Father
Sunny Arya’s Father


His Mother

Sunny Arya's Mother
Sunny Arya’s Mother



Back in 2019, Sunny Arya started his journey into the entertainment world through his YouTube channel, Tehelka Prank. He began by creating funny prank videos in public places, which quickly grabbed people’s attention because of his knack for making them laugh. Especially during the COVID-19 lockdown, his relatable and funny videos became super popular.

Sunny Arya also manages another YouTube channel named “Tehelka Bhai” and has earned five YouTube Silver play buttons for his online content contributions.

YouTube Channel links:


In 2023, he gained even more fame by appearing on the reality TV show Bigg Boss Season 17 on Colors TV, showing off his skills as an entertainer.

Here You can Watch His Entry on Bigg Boss 17:

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Income and Car Collection of Sunny Arya’s:-


Around Rs. 60 lakh a year (as of October 2023).

Car Collection:-

He owns fancy cars, including MG Hector and Mercedes-Benz SL-Class.

Here are some interesting facts about him:

  • Acting Dreams: Sunny initially dreamed of becoming an actor and even tried his luck in Mumbai. However, he returned to New Delhi after facing rejection.
  • Love Story: Sunny and Deepika, his wife, had an arranged marriage. Deepika’s family had blind siblings, and Sunny won her father’s heart by promising to always care for them.
  • YouTube Journey: In 2019, Sunny began his YouTube career with Tehelka Prank, where he shares funny prank videos. He started with pranks in public and later included his family, gaining popularity, especially during the COVID-19 lockdown.
  • Charitable Work: Sunny also runs a channel and Instagram page called “Helping Sunny Arya,” where he shares videos of his charity work, providing food, clothing, and more to those in need.
  • Other Ventures: Besides Tehelka Prank, Sunny has another channel called Tehelka Bhai. He’s earned five YouTube Silver play buttons for his success.
  • Channel Name: The name “Tehelka Prank” came from Sunny’s mischievous childhood. His friends used to joke about the uproar he caused, leading to the name choice after a chat with his wife.
  • Bigg Boss Appearance: Sunny gained even more fame in 2023 when he appeared on the reality show Bigg Boss Season 17 on Colors TV.

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