Bigg Boss Kannada Winners & Runners List – All Seasons

Bigg Boss Kannada (BBK) is the Kannada adaptation of the popular reality TV series Bigg Boss, which airs on Colors Kannada Channel in India. Big Brother’s international format is owned by Endemol Shine India, the show’s producer. In 2013, Kiccha Sudeepa was brought on board by ETV Kannada (now Colors Kannada) to host the reality show for its inaugural season. Here is the list of all-season winners of Bigg Boss Kannada.

Bigg Boss Kannada

Bigg Boss Kannada Winners List:

SeasonWinnerPrize MoneyRunner-up
Season 1Vijay Raghavendra₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Arun Sagar
Season 2Akul Balaji₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Srujan Lokesh
Season 3Shruti₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Chandan Kumar
Season4Pratham₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Kirik Keerthi
Season 5Chandan Shetty₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Divakar
Season 6Shashi Kumar₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Naveen Sajju
Season 7Shine Shetty₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Kuri Pratap
Season 8Manju Pavagada₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Aravind KP
Season 9Roopesh Shetty₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Rakesh Adiga
Season 10Karthik Mahesh₹50 lakh (US$63,000)Pratap

Bigg Boss Kannada OTT Winners List:

SeasonTop PerformerPrize MoneyChampions
Season 1Roopesh Shetty₹5 lakh Rakesh Adiga, Aryavardhan Guruji, Sanya Iyer

Summary of Bigg Boss Kannada, Host, Concept, Contestants, and Impact


  • Bigg Boss Kannada is the Kannada version of the reality TV show broadcast through Colors Kannada Channel and hosted by Kiccha Sudeepa since 2013.
  • The show is produced by Endemol Shine India, and each season features a specially constructed ‘Bigg Boss’ house, with season 3 onwards being located in Bengaluru, Karnataka.

The ‘Eye’ logo:

  • Each season of Bigg Boss Kannada has its own ‘Eye’ logo, with unique designs and backgrounds representing the season.
  • The ‘Eye’ logos evolve with each season, incorporating various themes and elements, such as technology, color bars, and stormy backgrounds.

House rules:

  • Inmates of the ‘Bigg Boss’ house are required to speak in Kannada, with minimal use of English allowed. They must adhere to rules regarding property, smoking, alcohol, and physical assault.
  • The nomination process is integral, led by the Bigg Boss and captains, with immunity granted to specific contestants based on tasks and performance.


  • Nomination is a weekly activity where housemates nominate each other for eviction, with public votes ultimately deciding who gets evicted.
  • Housemates, including the captain, must abide by rules for nominations and discussions regarding the process are prohibited.

House captaincy:

  • Introduced in the second season, the concept of house captaincy grants selected contestants privileges and responsibilities, including immunity from nomination and overseeing weekly tasks.
  • The captain plays a pivotal role in maintaining order, ensuring task compliance, and upholding house rules.


  • Bigg Boss Kannada has been aired on various channels, including ETV Kannada, Star Suvarna, and Colors Kannada, as well as being available for streaming on Voot.
  • Episodes feature daily happenings and special interviews with evicted contestants, with the eviction process being changed to Saturdays in the seventh season.

Introduction of ‘Voot Fryday’ in Bigg Boss Kannada:

  • Contestants in Bigg Boss Kannada were given the opportunity to choose their Friday task through ‘Voot Fryday’.
  • Audience participation was encouraged through the ‘Video Vichaara’ feature on the Voot app, where selected videos were shown inside the Bigg Boss house.

Changes in Eviction Process:

  • The eviction episode on Saturday declared the saved contestants, reducing the nominated contestants to 2 or 3, prior to the eviction on the Sunday episode.

Bigg Boss OTT:

  • A digital version of the show called Bigg Boss OTT is set to be hosted by Sudeepa and broadcast by Voot, with 24×7 coverage.
  • The series is scheduled to launch on 6th August 2022 at 7pm with Roopesh Shetty emerging as the winner.

Sponsorship and Revenue Growth:

  • Each season of Bigg Boss Kannada has attracted prominent brands as sponsors, leading to an increase in revenue and extensive brand visibility.
  • Sponsors receive advertising privileges within the show, including branding on household items.

Success and Impact:

  • The first season became a TRP magnet, eventually becoming the No.1 reality show in South India.
  • Seasons of the show have demonstrated substantial growth in viewership, with increased engagement and market presence.

Controversies and Impact on Film Industry:

  • The show’s popularity reached a point where the Kannada film industry protested, aiming to curb its impact on movie performances at the box office.
  • Controversies within the show have garnered attention and discussion.

Awards and Recognition:

  • The show has received acclaim and recognition through various awards and nominations.

Series and Host Development:

  • The show has undergone series developments, including transitions to different channels and hosts, with Sudeep hosting multiple seasons.